Crowdfunding resources for prose and comic creators

I am doing a talk at Carclew on Crowdfunding and because I am an information hoarder I have a lot of resources to share.

So here is a list of articles, websites, and podcasts I've found useful so far on my Crowdfunding journey as well as some Kickstarter and Patreon campaigns for inspiration and reference.

Kickstarter Budget

But firstly, here is a stripped back, basic Kickstarter budget spreadsheet to get you started loosely based on my Lonely Giant campaign

View the Google Sheets - Use save-as to grab for yourself


Informative resources on starting a mailing list

Writing Excuses Podcast Seasion 18, Episode 18 - Launching a newsletter

Newsletter services

I no longer recommend Mailchimp for newsletters. It’s neither the cheapest or the best service anymore. The services I suggest checking out:

Some Newsletter examples

I was disappointed to realise that I can't really think of too many newsletters that I recommend as inspiration for someone, from prose authors in particular but here are a couple that I think are great.

Obvs, I you could sign up for mine tho. 😅 You'll get a free ebook!

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Crowdfunding resources

These website are based on publicly available information, and for Graphtreon in particular the data it needs isn't always available but it's still very informative guide even if imperfect.

Kicktraq - Kickstarter campaign statistics

Graphtreon - Patreon campaign stats

Informative podcasts that discuss the intersection between writing and business

Comixlaunch Podcast 

Crowdfunding for writers, artists and self publishers on Kickstarter and beyond.

Comic Lab podcast 

The podcast about making comics — and making a living from comics!

3 Point Perspective Podcast

The podcast about illustration, how to do it, how to make a living at it and how to make an impact in the world with your art.

Writing Excuses Podcast

Writing Excuses is a fast-paced, educational podcast for writers, by writers. Our goal is to help our listeners become better at their craft. Whether they write for fun or for profit, whether they’re new to the domain or old hands, Writing Excuses has something to offer. We love to write, and our listeners do, too.

Informative interviews and articles on Kickstarter for Prose Authors:

General crowdfunding for author articles

Interesting Example Kickstarter campaigns:

List of some big and small successful kickstarter campaigns and campaign profiles

Some Patreon Pages