I'm a comic artist, illustrator and writer from Adelaide, Australia.

I grew up with dreams of wielding swords and magic like Alanna of Trebond, deftly manipulating political opponents like Mara of the Acoma and having the strength of conviction made manifest like Egwene al'Vere. I believe stories have power and I want to change people's lives and the world for the better with my comics.

I've successfully Kickstarted and self published 4 comic books including 'The Lonely Giant' which was shortlisted for the Comic Arts Awards of Australia in 2022. I was also one of the artists in Gestalt Publishing's Talgard Volume 2 which was also shortlist for 2023, with the winners to be announced September 15th. You can hear more about my projects and what I'm working on by joining my Metadata Missive emails.

I am currently working on a short comic project I am very excited about, but I am open to interesting project opportunities so drop me a line at contact@janahoffmann.com.