The Lonely Giant is now on Kickstarter!

After years of work, The Lonely Giant is now on Kickstarter

  • The Lonely Giant is an all ages full colour fantasy comic book about finding friendships.
  • The book will be A5 (5.8 x 8.3 inch) 30+ page full colour book with a lush satin matt laminate cover.
  • Traditional print and mobile optimised PDF versions included with every book featuring extra behind the scenes and making-of material.
  • The pages are already done and ready to send off to the printers once the campaign is over, for delivery in October/November with plenty of time for Christmas. 😉

Back The Lonely Giant on Kickstarter

Back what now? What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is all or nothing crowd-funding platform, where if enough people pledge to back my campaign I can raise the money to print The Lonely Giant. The stakes are high for me because if I don't get enough pledges for my campaign by the scheduled end date, no cards are charged and I will have to go back to the drawing board.

To entice you I have put together a small but fancy set rewards to go along with the book that I'm super please with, including multiple PDF formats for your preferred device reading experience, personalised sketches, commissions and guest art from:

Kind words for The Lonely Giant

"Jana Hoffman has crafted a thoughtful masterpiece of emotional intelligence with The Lonely Giant. Her ability to isolate feelings on the page and control the spectacle and awe of interactions big and small through panel layouts and nuanced character illustrations is a beauty to behold."

- Ryan K Lindsay [Eternal, Everfrost]

“It is hard not to get swept up into the magical yet somehow familiar world of the Lonely Giant. The storyline is utterly relatable, and for anyone who struggles to find their people, readers will want to throw their arms around Natae and befriend her at once. Beautifully designed and with a limited colour palette, Jana’s exquisite illustrations speak on behalf of the characters, with the limited text carrying the story forward.

The Australian bushland setting is a refreshing change from the more common flora and fauna from the northern hemisphere. Readers young and old will connect with this touching story of loneliness, hope and friendship. We all have a giant-sized space in our hearts for the Lonely Giant.”

- Amy, Teacher Librarian

"The Lonely Giant is delightful, emotional and surprising. Beautifully put together with a sensitivity to character that is particularly resonant for a shy person like myself!"

- Sarah, Greenlight Comics