Stories I love - The Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce

In preparation for writing and promoting my new comic, I decided to examine my favourite stories and see if I could write an enticing pitch that captures their essence.

When someone asks about the stories I love, the first one that always comes to mind is The Song of the Lioness novel's by Tamora Pierce. If I read a fantasy novel before this that featured a female protagonist, I don't remember it but Tamora Pierce's books became a fixture in my life from them on. I found it subversive whilst still leaning heavily into the genre and I adore it still to this day.

Alanna is young girl and that is vexing, because only a noble boy can become a Knight of Tortall. But she won't let that stop her. Disguised as a boy and denying her magical power, she works hard and is surprised by the good and powerful friends she makes. Even the bullying, the confusing affections of the Crown Prince and the King of Thieves and unsettling appearances by the Goddess won't turn her from her goal.

The life of a knight in training is not without risk, but something about the risks and dangers her group of friends face doesn't add up and it stinks of magic and ill intent. She must accept and embrace her magic and stop the sorcerer responsible for these in-clandestine attacks or Tortall will fall under a dark power, Alanna and her friends with it.