Hello World! New decade, new website

The cobbler's children finally has shoes!

My website has been a 'temporary' landing page for probably about 5 or so years now. I have a day job as front end web designer and developer so for a long time I've stressed about how since I can make a great website, my personal portfolio should be the most amazing portfolio because I have the skills and the knowledge!

So I got a combination of performance anxiety and choice paralysis and never got a new website off the ground.

Getting this site up and running was my first project goal for the year. It was hard. I used it as an opportunity to up-skill myself both for long term goals and my day job and I ran into hurdles that burned hours and it took a lot longer to put together than I wanted. I have a tendency to noodle without a solid deadline which was hard to give myself when I was working with things I've never worked with before. And I have a VERY hard doing any design work that is intended to represent me directly.

This site will continue to evolve. I'm not satisfied with it, but I'm an artist so would I ever be? It's past time to ship so that I can get to the next project. I can't wait to sink my teeth into The Lonely Giant.

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!